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I have a tandem axle dump trailer with a Billy Goat Leaf Loader available for rent. The trailer is a 5x10x6, including the wall extensions and the debris loader has a 8" suction hose. It has surge brakes, barn doors for the tailgate, and a LEAF ONLY load capacity of 11 cu. yd. or 4000 lbs. GVWR: 7000 lbs.

This is for leaves only. No wood, mulch, rocks, ect. Don't pile your leaves on your rock landscaping, the vacuum will take the rocks with the leaves and destroy the impeller. You will be charged for damaging the impeller.

Your vehicle must be able to tow 7000 lbs (1/2 ton truck or full size SUV) and have full coverage insurance.

Leaf Loader and Dump Trailer: Product
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